YUNG PRAISE - Recording Artist

Yung Praise is a Memphis Tennessee Entertainer known throughout the Mid-South for Gospel, writer, dancer, and motivational speaker.  His high energy impact music and motivational spirit has been praised by many throughout the entertainment industry, and local audiences.

Darria Onry (Yung Praise) grew up in the southern rough areas of Memphis such as “RivaCide” and “DHG” known for it’s more rough urban neighborhoods.  Having a mother who had to constantly relocate in order to keep him and his sister safe motivated him to know there’s more to life than living in a cycle like such.  Coming out from this area with a calling on his life believing God has a plan an purpose for his gift’s to be brought nationwide in the Gospel and faith based hip-hop community.

Yung Praise did not always pursue his purpose and served a 2-5 year sentence in prison.  During this time, he allowed God to build upon him the necessary means and attributes of maintaining a ministry of entertainment and witnessing to those who hear his music and speaking.  He was able to begin this ministry while in prison giving life to his fellow inmates, guards and counselors.

Full throttle describes how he pursues speaking, teaching, rapping and entertaining audiences nationwide through the good news of Christ.  His mission is reaching the lost, meeting the youth where they are and projecting a path they can move forward on, and performing in secular locations and events while bringing an UNCUT gospel.  Yung Praise is Bold, Brave, Ambitious, and Highly Anointed to set the atmosphere to set the captives free!

Darria Onry lives in Memphis, TN with his beautiful children Aniyah, Darria Jr., and Kaiden.  Along with being a family man, a vocal man, and a warrior for Christ, he is committed to reach every soul possible that his voice can reach.

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